10 Most Expensive Cleveland Suburbs: Luxurious Living Near Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Most Expensive Suburbs

Cleveland’s real estate landscape features a broad range of neighborhoods and suburbs, with housing types, price ranges, and amenities to suit every homebuyer. For those with sufficient budgets who are considering moving to Cleveland, some of its most expensive suburbs have much to offer. These suburbs deliver sophistication, upscale amenities, and refined surroundings for homebuyers. Explore the most expensive Cleveland suburbs to discover a luxury home for you.

Hunting Valley

Hunting Valley, the wealthiest suburb in Cuyahoga County, boasts a population of around 750 residents, making it a premier destination for individuals seeking luxury living. The village is renowned for its high-end real estate market and is home to the region's largest and most expensive home. Home prices in Hunting Valley are almost always above $1 million, often starting from around $2 million to more than $5 million.

Hunting Valley features luxurious homes in beautiful neighborhoods. People are drawn to the area for its prestigious reputation and high property values. The village's reputation for opulence is further enhanced by its well-maintained neighborhoods and proximity to top-tier amenities.

Living in Hunting Valley offers residents a unique blend of privacy and luxury. The expensive homes in the area are known for their grandeur and architectural elegance, attracting those who appreciate high-end finishes and upscale living environments. With its exceptional real estate offerings and thriving community, Hunting Valley stands out as one of Cleveland's most prestigious and sought-after neighborhoods for those who don’t mind far exceeding Ohio’s cost of living.

Moreland Hills

Nestled among the Cleveland suburbs known for their high property values and luxurious estates, Moreland Hills stands out as a premier destination for upscale living. With a reputation for high-end living, Moreland Hills attracts residents seeking a serene and upscale environment. The town is renowned for its luxurious estates and prestigious neighborhoods, making it one of the wealthiest suburbs in Cleveland—and one of the most expensive cities in Ohio.

Moreland Hills offers a wide range of home prices, starting in the affordable $200s and $300s and going as high as $3 million. The suburb’s luxury real estate caters to individuals looking for a sophisticated lifestyle and top-tier amenities like the Chagrin Valley Country Club. The allure of Moreland Hills lies in its well-maintained neighborhoods and the quality of living it provides its residents.

Homes in Moreland Hills provide the perfect setting for those seeking a luxurious lifestyle outside the city. The blend of high property values, upscale homes, and a community of open spaces and amenities makes it a sought-after location in Cuyahoga County. In Moreland Hills, the emphasis is on upscale living, making it a prime choice for those looking to invest in luxury real estate.

Chagrin Falls

Living in the Cleveland Suburb of Chagrin Falls

Chagrin Falls, a prestigious Cleveland suburb renowned for its top-notch amenities, epitomizes luxury living in the region. Luxury homes in Chagrin Falls are typically priced from $1 million and $3 million, but its appeal goes beyond its real estate, evidenced by its status as one of the best small towns in Ohio. The community offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities, attracting buyers who seek a sophisticated lifestyle.

The community’s upscale shopping options and vibrant cultural scene enhance the appeal of living in Chagrin Falls. Residents can take in local culture by visiting local art galleries and theaters. These factors make Chagrin Falls a sought-after location for those looking for luxury living outside the city. The Chagrin Falls community stands out as one of the most popular and expensive suburbs near Cleveland, with its picturesque downtown area and a reputation for privacy.


Known for its opulent homes, Bentleyville in Cuyahoga County only has about 750 residents, making it a great location for homebuyers seeking a luxurious lifestyle. Bentleyville is the second-wealthiest suburb in the Cleveland area, characterized by high property values.

The allure of Bentleyville lies in its luxurious homes, which can often cost more than $1 million. However, it is possible to find the occasional Bentleyville home priced as low as the $400s. The town's peaceful atmosphere attracts those who value upscale living environments and top-tier amenities. The meticulously maintained neighborhoods and proximity to urban conveniences further enhance the appeal of Bentleyville.

With its upscale homes, Bentleyville stands out as a prime example of luxury living in the Cleveland suburbs, offering residents a privileged lifestyle in a setting known for its lavish homes and beautiful surroundings.

Gates Mills

Gates Mills, a premier Cleveland suburb known for its great location and luxury homes, stands out as one of the most prestigious residential areas in the region. The village boasts a reputation for expensive homes, with property values placing it among the top communities in the metro area.

Homes in Gates Mills start in the $400s, but its luxurious properties typically list for $1 million to $2.5 million. Those who call Gates Mills home enjoy a luxurious lifestyle characterized by well-maintained neighborhoods and a host of top-tier amenities.

Gates Mills attracts individuals seeking an upscale living environment outside the urban hustle of Cleveland’s top neighborhoods. The community offers a serene and private setting for its residents who value the comfort and prestige that come with residing in such a distinguished area. With its high property values and reputation for luxury living, Gates Mills remains a coveted location for those looking to experience the epitome of upscale suburban life in the Cleveland area.

Kirtland Hills

Nestled among the Cleveland suburbs renowned for their opulent residences and upscale lifestyle, Kirtland Hills stands out as a premier enclave of luxury living. The town boasts some of the top homes in the region, with prices ranging between $900,000 and $2 million, attracting buyers seeking private, luxurious properties. 

Home prices in Kirtland Hills significantly surpass the Cleveland-Elyria metro area's average, emphasizing how sought-after homes here are. The town's secluded atmosphere contributes to its appeal as a top residential destination for those seeking open spaces and solace. Kirtland Hills offers a unique blend of luxury living and privacy, making it a sought-after location for individuals seeking upscale living options in Cleveland. The area’s high-quality amenities cater to residents looking for a sophisticated and comfortable living environment.

With its luxurious homes and abundance of amenities, Kirtland Hills is one of the most expensive suburbs near Cleveland and, for those moving to Ohio with the budget for it, one of the top choices in the state.


Living in the Cleveland Suburb of Solon

Solon, a wealthy suburb in the Cleveland area with a population of about 23,000 residents, offers upscale housing options and amenities that cater to residents seeking a luxurious lifestyle. The real estate market in Solon reflects the desirability of the area. Luxury real estate in Solon typically ranges from the high $900s to $2 million. The small city also features more affordable homes, however.

With its excellent location and beautiful homes, Solon is a top choice in the Cleveland area. Solon also features one of the best master-planned communities near Cleveland, Signature of Solon, for homebuyers seeking abundant convenience and amenities. 

Waite Hill

Waite Hill, the first expensive suburb located in Lake County, holds a prestigious status as one of the most expensive residential areas in the region. The homes in Waite Hill are known for their luxurious features and upscale designs, catering to those seeking a high-end living environment.

Living in Waite Hill offers a prestigious residential experience, attracting individuals who value sophistication and elegance in their community. The upscale reputation of Waite Hill contributes to the high price tag associated with properties in this area. The allure of Waite Hill lies not only in the quality of its homes but also in its residents' overall lifestyle. With its serene atmosphere and tremendous location, Waite Hill stands out as a top choice for those looking to invest in luxury real estate in the Cleveland suburbs.

Pepper Pike

Pepper Pike is one of the most expensive suburbs in Cleveland. The community exudes prestige, with homes in Pepper Pike typically priced from the $900s to $2 million, making it a prime destination for those seeking upscale living environments.

Pepper Pike is distinguished by its upscale neighborhoods and luxurious real estate market, catering to those who value privacy and high-end amenities. The city's high concentration of wealthy residents further solidifies its reputation as a top choice for luxury living in Cleveland. Pepper Pike offers a lifestyle characterized by sophistication, elegance, and proximity to the big city.

In Pepper Pike, luxury living is not just a possibility but a way of life, with residents enjoying the finest aspects of upscale suburban living. The upscale neighborhoods and luxury homes in Pepper Pike contribute to its status as one of the Cleveland area's most prestigious and sought-after suburbs.


Bratenahl, renowned for its luxurious waterfront homes and upscale living, stands as a prestigious suburb of Cleveland. Nestled along the shores of Lake Erie, Bratenahl offers breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere, attracting executives, professionals, and other residents seeking a high-end lifestyle. It’s also one of the best Cleveland suburbs for accessing some of Ohio’s best beaches.

The allure of Bratenahl lies in its stunning surroundings, historical significance, and serene ambiance. The luxurious homes in Bratenahl range from $900,000 to $2.8 million, catering to those with refined tastes.

With its proximity to Cleveland and its array of upscale amenities, Bratenahl has become a sought-after location for individuals desiring a blend of luxury, comfort, and prestige. The suburb's reputation for elegance and sophistication further solidifies its standing as one of the Cleveland region’s most sought-after and expensive areas.

Find Your Luxury Home in Cleveland

The Cleveland suburbs of Bentleyville, Gates Mills, Pepper Pike, Moreland Hills, and Hunting Valley stand out as some of the most expensive communities in the region. With their superior amenities and pristine surroundings, these upscale suburbs cater to individuals seeking a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle with easy access to many of the best things to do in Ohio. Their elevated property values and coveted status make them highly sought-after destinations for those who value upscale living away from the urban hustle. So, call one of these Cleveland suburbs home to enjoy luxury living.

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