Ohio's High-End Urban Areas: The Most Expensive Cities in Ohio

Picture of Cincinnati, the Most Expensive City in Ohio

Curious about which cities in Ohio carry the highest cost of living tag? From Upper Arlington's luxurious suburbs to Dublin's robust economy, we'll go through factors like housing, education, and location that catapult these cities to the top of the list. Whether you're from another state and starting your homebuying journey or a current Ohio resident looking to upgrade to a new community, these cities are fantastic options—as long as you have the budget to make it happen.

Major Highlights

  • Ohio's most expensive cities, including Upper Arlington, Galena, and Dublin, offer luxurious lifestyles with prime locations, great amenities, and high real estate values, reflecting the high cost of living.
  • Cities like Hudson, Wyoming, Bexley, and Beachwood are characterized by their soaring housing costs and substantial median incomes, illustrating a blend of luxury, high demand, and a comprehensive high-end lifestyle.
  • There are hidden costs of living in Ohio's expensive cities that go beyond housing, such as transportation and healthcare expenses, which contribute to these areas' overall cost of living and economic dynamics.

Ohio's High-End Havens: A Tour of Luxury

Ohio's most luxurious communities feature opulent homes and prime locations that create an unparalleled lifestyle. These cities are not just about extravagant houses or high incomes; they are about close proximity to major corporations and an elevated lifestyle that's second to none. From Bexley near Columbus to the upscale areas of Cincinnati, these areas represent the pinnacle of affluence in the Buckeye State.

These communities cater to those who have a taste for luxury and possess the means to afford it. Whether it's the beauty of the Moreland Hills community, the prime location of Upper Arlington, or the charm of Galena, each of these Ohio cities has a unique allure. However, living in them comes with a high cost, shaped by factors such as high housing and utility prices, the availability of high-paying jobs, and upscale amenities for the residents.

If you're a first-time homebuyer, you may not have the budget for the highest-end homes, but larger communities typically offer a wider range of home prices. Some of the most expensive cities in Ohio include:

  • Hudson
  • Wyoming
  • Upper Arlington
  • Bexley

Whether it's the substantial median income of $160,280 in Hudson or the housing costs in Bexley, these cities represent the epitome of Ohio's most expensive places for real estate.

These cities are not just about high prices; they're about the lifestyle that comes with them. Each of these cities offers its residents a lifestyle that justifies the high cost of living. Our exploration doesn't stop here; let's dig deeper into some of these communities.

Upper Arlington

Luxury Home in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Our tour begins in Upper Arlington, Ohio's priciest city, renowned for its prime location and proximity to major corporations. Upper Arlington is a testament to opulence, with a median household income of $144,705 and home prices ranging from the mid-$300s up to over $2 million. This suburb is more than just a city with high numbers; it's a community that invests in its future through education.

Upper Arlington's allure is further enhanced by its prime location near downtown Columbus, offering easy access to economic opportunities and the headquarters of major corporations like Nationwide Insurance. This proximity to opportunities contributes significantly to Upper Arlington's high living costs.


Galena is a small historic town coveted by those seeking tranquility and outdoor enthusiasts attracted to the plentiful state parks and forests. If you're ready to make an offer on a home in Galena, expect prices ranging from the $400s to $1.5 million.

The town's quaint charm is epitomized by its downtown area. The overall quiet atmosphere of Galena further enhances its standing as a desirable living destination in Ohio, despite its steep housing prices.

Indian Hill

Indian Hill takes the crown as the most expensive place to live in Ohio, with a staggering median income of $218,073 and home prices ranging from $600,000 to $4 million. Indian Hill represents the epitome of luxury living, boasting a status that is hard to match. The village's per capita income reaches $140,000, highlighting its residents' high earning power. 

Willoughby Hills

Squire's Castle, an Attraction in Willoughby Hills, Ohio

Willoughby Hills is an area where home prices range from the mid-$200s up to $1.2 million. With a median household income of $63,438 and a per capita income of $48,153, Willoughby Hills showcases its wealth metrics, further indicating the financial stature required to live here.

Though not as imposing as Indian Hill, the wealth metrics of Willoughby Hills still paint a picture of affluence, making it another one of Ohio's costly communities where high prices meet a high quality of life.


Introducing Beachwood, a prosperous suburb of the Cleveland area. It has a median income of $105,346, helping residents with home prices that range from the $300s to $1.7 million. Those who live here enjoy easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and parks. Beachwood is more than just a city with high numbers; it's a boutique suburbia that offers its residents a life of luxury.

The cost of living index in Beachwood stands at 118, indicating a combination of high living costs and a competitive housing market. This balance of lifestyle and cost makes Beachwood a perfect example of Ohio's costliest communities, where the high price tag comes with a high quality of life.


Continuing our journey, we arrive in Dublin, a city that offers a luxe lifestyle. Despite the high cost of living, many residents find it worth every penny. Here are some reasons why:

  • Beautiful parks
  • Top-notch recreational facilities
  • Active local community

With a robust median household income of $158,363 and home prices ranging from the $300s to $3 million, Dublin is, for many, well worth the price tag.

Dublin's economic strength is partly due to having several corporate headquarters within city limits and a high per capita income rate of around $70,000. From its charming downtown area to its sprawling green spaces, Dublin exemplifies the allure of living in one of Ohio's most expensive cities.


Neighborhood in Powell, Ohio

We proceed with our exploration in the city of Powell, a city where living expenses, indexed at 126, significantly exceed the average US city. Yet, despite the high cost, Powell continues to attract residents with its charming downtown and green spaces. With a robust median income of $182,736, Powell reflects the high earning potential in the area.

Powell is known for its strong sense of community, which are key reasons why people love living there, despite the higher cost of living. The city's high cost shows the high quality of life it offers, making it a desirable place to live in Ohio.

Transportation and Lifestyle: The Hidden Costs in Ohio Cities

Let's shift our focus from high housing prices and incomes to uncovering the hidden costs of residing in Ohio's cities. These are the costs that often go unnoticed when considering the cost of living, yet they play a significant role in shaping the overall expenses. Whether it's the gasoline prices in Cleveland affecting transportation costs or the healthcare costs in Cincinnati, these hidden costs can significantly impact the cost of living in Ohio's cities.

For instance, transportation charges in Akron are nearly 10% higher than the national average, showcasing how mobility within Ohio's cities can escalate the cost of living. Similarly, a single doctor's visit in Cincinnati can exceed $125, underscoring the health-related financial burden faced by residents. Along with rent prices, we will further dissect these hidden costs in the following sections.

Cleveland Area Commutes

In Cleveland, residents deal with transportation expenses such as an average of $3.76 per gallon of gasoline, significantly affecting daily transportation costs. Furthermore, many of the workers in Cleveland live in homes in Pepper Pike, the Shaker Heights community, and other suburban areas, which increases commute times and costs.

These costs highlight the financial implications of commuting in the Cleveland area, proving that the cost of living extends beyond housing and income.

The Cost of Columbus Metropolitan Conveniences

Aerial View of a Columbus Ohio Luxury Neighborhood

In the Columbus metropolitan area, we encounter a different aspect of the hidden costs. Here, cities like Grandview Heights and New Albany demonstrate the premium cost of convenience. With high median incomes and average home values, these areas present a different kind of financial challenge to their residents.

Proximity and convenience to downtown Columbus come at a price in Grandview Heights, where home prices range from the mid-$400s to $1.6 million. Similarly, the balance of higher living costs with higher household earnings in New Albany pushes its cost of living index to 142. These factors highlight the less apparent but equally significant costs associated with living in Ohio's expensive cities.

Economic Indicators: Median Home Price and Income Analysis

Many newcomers to Ohio wind up moving to Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Columbus because they're the largest economic hubs, but some will seek out the smaller surrounding enclaves. Comparing the median home prices and incomes in elite areas gives a clearer picture of the financial stature required to reside in these localities. These figures underline the economic dynamics of these areas, reflecting the financial reality of living in some of Ohio's most luxurious locations.

Exploring the Most Expensive Cities in Ohio

Our journey through the Buckeye State's most expensive cities has taken us through luxurious suburbs, historic towns, and some of Ohio's best small towns. From the imposing figures of Indian Hill to the wealth metrics of Willoughby Hills, the economic indicators have given us a clearer picture of the financial reality in these areas. As we've seen, living in these cities is not just about the high cost—it's about the high quality of life, the prime locations, and the array of amenities that make these cities worth every penny.

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