Top 11 Affordable Places to Live Near Cleveland, OH: Best Affordable Suburbs

Cheap Places to Live Near Cleveland Ohio

Nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is known for its rich history, cultural depth, and economic resilience. The surrounding suburbs, which include some of the best places to live in Ohio, provide an even broader spectrum of opportunities for those seeking a blend of affordability, comfort, and convenience. As urban living costs continue to rise, more people are turning toward these areas, where the dream of homeownership and a quality lifestyle becomes an attainable reality. Here are some of the most affordable suburbs around Cleveland. 

Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights, a suburb renowned for its historic Tudor-style homes and diverse architectural styles, offers a great quality of life. Most homes in Cleveland Heights are priced from the low $100s to the low $400s, making it an attractive option for those seeking financial accessibility without compromising on the quality of their living environment. 

Though few in number, Cleveland Heights’ luxury homes typically list from the $800s to $1.4 million. This suburb not only boasts an array of Tudor-style residences but also features a mix of upscale dining establishments, boutique shopping venues, and cultural attractions, enhancing the community's overall appeal.

Beyond its architectural charm and affordability, Cleveland Heights fosters a strong sense of community. The schools in the area and well-maintained parks further solidify the suburb's reputation as a desirable place to live. Additionally, residents of Cleveland Heights benefit from convenient access to University Circle and Downtown Cleveland, ensuring that entertainment, educational, and employment opportunities are within easy reach.

Shaker Heights

Shaker Heights is a Cheap Cleveland Suburb

Renowned for its blend of historic estate homes and a strong community ethos, Shaker Heights stands out as a suburban gem in the Greater Cleveland area. Most homes in Shaker Heights list from the $100s to the $700s. However, there is also a selection of luxury homes in Shaker Heights that are priced over $800,000, typically topping out around $1.5 million. 

Residents of Shaker Heights benefit from a range of amenities, including access to parks, country clubs, and upscale shopping and dining options. The small city, while affordable, is in the same area as some of Cleveland’s most expensive suburbs, and the region's beauty explains why. 

Moreover, the neighborhood's proximity to Cleveland adds to its desirability, offering a prestigious suburban lifestyle within reach of the city's offerings. The area's historical charm, combined with its modern conveniences, creates a unique living experience that appeals to those seeking a balance between tradition and urban accessibility.


Beachwood is Shaker Heights’ direct neighbor to the east, a suburb known for its upscale amenities and high-end shopping options.Homes in Beachwood are usually priced from the high $100s to the low $600s, though large new construction homes can list for up to $1.2 million. The allure of Beachwood lies in its reputation for luxury living combined with a relatively affordable housing market compared to national averages. Homebuyers seeking value for their money are drawn to this vibrant suburb.

One of Beachwood's standout features is its upscale shopping scene, with popular destinations like Beachwood Place Mall attracting both locals and visitors. In addition to retail therapy, Beachwood is also home to four schools that enroll around 1,600 students, including two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. The Beachwood City School District has won three U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Awards

The Beachwood community takes pride in its well-kept neighborhoods, numerous parks, and recreational facilities, catering to an active and engaged population. Its strategic location, providing easy access to major highways and a variety of amenities, further solidifies Beachwood's status as a sought-after suburb for those desiring a blend of luxury and convenience in the Cleveland area.


Lyndhurst is a sought-after suburb with home prices typically ranging from the mid-$100s to the $500s. Interestingly, the most expensive homes in Lyndhurst are typically luxury condos in the Three Village neighborhood, which can list into the $900s.This suburb offers a mix of housing options, catering to different preferences, with single-family homes and condos available. Known for its well-maintained neighborhoods and tree-lined streets, Lyndhurst presents a picturesque setting for homeowners.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Lyndhurst provides residents with convenient access to various amenities. Proximity to shopping centers like Legacy Village ensures that daily necessities are within reach, while a diverse range of restaurants caters to different culinary tastes. Additionally, recreational amenities in the area offer opportunities for leisure and outdoor activities, enhancing the quality of life for those living in Lyndhurst. With a balance of affordability and quality of life, Lyndhurst stands out as a desirable location in the Cleveland area. 


Euclid is a Cheap Lakefront City in Ohio

Nestled on Lake Erie’s southern shore and home to some of Ohio’s best beaches, Euclid stands out as one of the most affordable and community-oriented suburbs in the region. Homes in Euclid typically range from around $50,000 to the low $300s. The city offers a diverse range of housing options, with single-family homes being the most popular choice among residents. 

Characterized by tree-lined streets and vibrant community organizations, Euclid creates a desirable living environment for its residents. Its proximity to Lake Erie not only enhances the quality of life but also provides recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, easy access to Downtown Cleveland makes Euclid an attractive location for those who value urban amenities within a suburban setting.

University Heights

University Heights, known for its blend of historic and modern homes, offers a vibrant community setting with access to schools and cultural amenities. Homes in University Heights typically range from the high $100s to the high $300s, making it a more financially accessible option compared to other areas in the country. The city has a slightly higher cost of living than other cities in the area, but residents find the investment worthwhile.

Apart from housing options, University Heights also provides its residents with a variety of dining choices, cultural amenities, and the convenience of being close to University Circle. The city boasts well-maintained neighborhoods and a desirable suburban atmosphere, making it an attractive location for would-be buyers. University Heights stands out as a sought-after suburb in the Cleveland area.

East Cleveland

East Cleveland distinguishes itself through its affordability. With some of the most affordable homes in Cuyahoga County, ranging from around $50,000 to the mid-$200s, this suburb opens the door to homeownership for many. Budget-minded homebuyers seeking the suburban lifestyle without a hefty price tag find a haven in East Cleveland.

However, East Cleveland offers more than just affordable homes. It’s also about convenient access to all the things to do in Cleveland. Located just nine miles from downtown Cleveland, residents can easily commute to work or explore the city’s vibrant dining and entertainment scene. East Cleveland proves that budget-friendly living doesn’t mean compromising on convenience.


Historic Public Gazebo in Bedford Ohio

Step into Bedford, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Old Downtown Bedford showcases the suburb’s historical significance with charming architectural designs and storefronts that offer a glimpse into the region’s past. Homes in Bedford are typically priced from the mid-$100s to the low $300s.

Yet, Bedford is not solely about its historical significance. It’s also about natural beauty. Scenic attractions like the Bedford Reservation and the stunning Great Falls of Tinkers Creek and Bridal Veil Falls add to the charm of this suburb. And with its reasonable median home price, Bedford allows residents to enjoy historical charm without the high cost of living.

Broadview Heights

Suburbs like Broadview Heights exemplify the balance between affordability and quality, attracting a variety of residents. Homes in Broadview Heights are usually priced from the mid-$100s to the $500s, though the occasional luxury new-construction home can list for up to $900,000.

Broadview Heights offers various schools and a community recreation center that promotes an active lifestyle. These attributes make Broadview Heights an appealing destination for cost-conscious residents who want to maximize the value they receive from their neighborhood.

Maple Heights

Maple Heights is another suburb that appeals to those who are mindful of their budget. The affordability of homes in Maple Heights, with prices from around $50,000 to the mid-$200s, this suburb appeals to individuals who want to enjoy suburban living without breaking the bank.

However, Maple Heights offers more than just cost-effective homes. It’s about living a lifestyle that values outdoor activities and community. Local parks, including Stafford Park, offer a range of activities for residents. Whether you enjoy wildlife watching, walking trails, or simply a space for relaxation, Maple Heights has got you covered.


Parma Ohio is an Affordable Place to Live Near Cleveland

Parma, boasting home prices ranging from the $100s to $400s, presents a cost-effective alternative. But affordable housing isn’t the only perk of living in this suburb. Parma is also a destination for those who appreciate green spaces and outdoor activities.

Residents can enjoy the outdoors at the local parks or take a swing at the golf course. With its close proximity to Cleveland, Parma combines the benefits of suburban living with the convenience of city access. Parma seamlessly blends the benefits of both urban and suburban living.

Exploring the Most Affordable Suburbs in Cleveland

The suburbs surrounding Cleveland present an attractive proposition for those seeking affordable living without compromising on quality of life. They allow homebuyers to keep their cost of living in Ohio on the low side so residents can enjoy a lifestyle that might be out of reach in more expensive urban centers, including spacious homes, expansive green spaces, and a more relaxed pace of life.

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