Ohio's 10 Most Affordable Cities: Great Ohio Living Without Breaking the Bank

Ohio Most Affordable Cities

While the cost of living in Ohio is below the national average, savvy homebuyers will still be interested in the state’s most affordable cities. From housing prices to rental rates and quality of life, exploring Ohio’s most affordable communities can help guide homebuyers and ensure their dollars can be stretched as much as possible. Get ready to enjoy an affordable Ohio city without sacrificing your living experience. 

Highlights of Affordable Ohio

  • Ohio offers a variety of budget-friendly cities, with options like Ashtabula and Youngstown providing a cost-effective lifestyle alongside amenities and cultural attractions.
  • Affordable lakeside, suburban, and vibrant city lifestyles are available in places like Sandusky and Kettering, which combine low living costs with access to nature and urban vibrancy.
  • When choosing an affordable city in Ohio, factors such as median home values, rent, income, cultural attractions, and quality of life should be considered to match personal lifestyle preferences and budget.


If you’re moving to Ohio and seeking a lakeside lifestyle without a high cost, consider Sandusky. The majority of Sandusky’s homes are priced in the $100s and $200s, making it possible to find many homes lower than the state’s average home price of $213,300.

Renting is no different, with median rents for one and two-bedroom apartments significantly lower than national averages. With such low housing costs, Sandusky offers a unique combination of affordability and lakeside living that’s hard to beat.


Niles, while slightly too large to be considered one of Ohio’s best small towns, provides a serene suburban life without straining your budget. Homes in this tranquil suburb typically land in the $100s and $200s, while renting averages around $800–$850 per month.

Besides affordability, Niles—the birthplace of President William McKinley—is known for its beautiful parks and nature trails. So, if you’re seeking a peaceful, budget-friendly suburb that’s close to nature, Niles might be the perfect place for you.


In Canton, cultural richness and affordability come hand in hand. The city’s home prices generally fall in the $100s and $200s, complemented by an average rent of $695 for a one-bedroom apartment.

But Canton is more than just an affordable place to live. It’s a hub of cultural richness, boasting landmarks such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame and numerous museums and exhibitions. Its central location means accessing many of the top things to do in Ohio can be quick and convenient. With its thriving nightlife and array of entertainment events, Canton provides a vibrant lifestyle that’s easy on your budget.


Reasons to Live in Ashtabula, OH

Ashtabula, a pocket-friendly city in Ohio, is worth considering for your next home. Home prices in Ashtabula typically fall in the $100s and $200s—significantly more affordable than the national average. Living in Ashtabula doesn’t break the bank, with a median rent of $975—51% lower than the national median.

Homebuyers who choose Ashtabula don’t have to sacrifice their quality of life: the scenic community boasts significant Lake Erie and Ashtabula River shoreline, with waterfront parks and homes waiting to be admired and enjoyed. In short, Ashtabula is a great place to begin your Ohio homebuying journey.

This cost-effective city offers a quality lifestyle without the hefty price tag. With utilities and groceries costing less than the national average, you can enjoy life without worrying about overspending. Ashtabula is a shining example of affordable living that doesn’t compromise on quality.


Located on the banks of the Ohio River, a stone’s throw from the Pennsylvania border, Steubenville blends history with affordability. The city’s median home price is 61% lower than the rest of Ohio, making it a particularly affordable option.

Steubenville isn’t just about affordable living; it’s also a city rich in history. With attractions like the Jefferson County Historical Association museum and the well-preserved Historic Fort Steuben, it offers a unique cultural experience that complements its affordability.


Eastlake offers an optimal blend of natural beauty and affordability, providing a scenic lakefront alternative to homebuyers considering moving to Cleveland. Typical home prices in Eastlake are in the upper $100s and $200s, making housing considerably less expensive than the national average.

But what makes Eastlake stand out is its natural beauty. With access to a variety of parks and recreational facilities, including those near Lake Erie, Eastlake offers diverse outdoor activities that enhance its appeal as an affordable and attractive place to live.


Kettering, the largest suburb of Dayton in Southwest Ohio, exemplifies budget-friendly living in a lively city. Most home prices in Kettering fall in the upper $100s and $200s, still contributing to Kettering’s image as a budget-friendly city.

This affordability extends to rentals, with an average rent of $1,095–$1,180, underlining Kettering’s status as an economically viable living option. These factors, combined with beautiful open spaces like Hills & Dales MetroPark, make Kettering an appealing choice for those seeking affordable living in a bustling city.

New Franklin

Less than 15 miles southwest of Akron, homebuyers will find New Franklin, where affordability and economic opportunity go together. Most homes in New Franklin sell in the $200s and $300s, with a median gross rent of $1,200–$1,600, making housing affordable.

What sets New Franklin apart is its economic prosperity. The city boasts a higher median household income of $87,032, indicating economic well-being for its residents.


The Mentor community adeptly balances housing affordability with prosperity. Homes for sale in Mentor typically list from the $100s to the $400s, and its lakeside location adds considerably to the experience of living there. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Mentor is $860–$900, reflecting its affordability.

At the same time, Mentor boasts a strong median household income of $79,261, showcasing the prosperity of its residents. It’s a popular alternative to homes in Cleveland, just 25 miles to the southwest, and Mentor’s array of living advantages makes it an attractive place for those seeking affordable living without compromising on prosperity.


Reasons to Live in Youngstown, OH

Youngstown is yet another treasure in Ohio’s collection of budget-friendly cities. The city’s home prices tend to be in the $100s and $200s, while the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is a mere $775, making it 61% lower than the statewide average.

However, Youngstown is not only about affordability. The city is teeming with cultural and recreational amenities, including museums and beautiful green spaces, that cater to all ages. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a parent seeking weekend fun for your children, Youngstown has something for everyone, including the beautiful Mill Creek Park.

Choosing the Right Affordable City in Ohio

The selection of the appropriate budget-friendly city in Ohio entails consideration of various factors. Some crucial factors to ponder upon include:

  • Median home value
  • Average rent
  • Property tax
  • Median household income

Another significant aspect to consider is the quality of life, and some of the most affordable communities can provide a quality of life that competes with Ohio’s most expensive cities. Access to parks, museums, cultural attractions, and a vibrant community atmosphere that aligns with your lifestyle preferences can enhance your living experience.

Lastly, understanding the real estate market and considering commute times to your workplace and overall cost of living can help you find a city that reflects your budget and housing preferences.

Affordable Ohio Awaits Savvy Homebuyers

Ohio’s affordable cities offer a blend of low-cost living, rich cultural experiences, and quality lifestyles. Whether you’re drawn to Ashtabula’s budget-friendly living, Youngstown’s wealth of amenities, or Eastlake’s natural beauty, there’s an Ohio city that’s perfect for you.

Choosing the right city involves weighing various factors. From median home prices and rent to quality of life and economic opportunities, these factors can guide you to your ideal Ohio city. So, why wait? Start exploring Ohio’s affordable cities today and find your perfect place to call home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the cheapest place in Ohio to live?

The cheapest place to live in Ohio is Springfield, which has a median home price in the low $100s. 

Is Ohio an affordable state to live in?

Yes, Ohio is a cheap state to live in. The cost of living, including housing and basic necessities, is lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to reside.

What factors should I consider when choosing an affordable city in Ohio?

Consider factors such as median home value, average rent, property tax, and quality of life when choosing an affordable city in Ohio. These factors can help you make an informed decision about where to live.

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