Schools in Cleveland, OH: Your Insider Guide to Cleveland Schools

Education in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland's primary and secondary schools are well-established, with many public institutions dating from the mid-1800s. Meanwhile, post-secondary schools in the city of Cleveland like Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University offer a range of academic programs and research opportunities.

But with so many options, how does one choose the right school or program? The following overview can help those living in or moving to Cleveland better understand its vibrant educational landscape.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the second largest district in the state, serves approximately 35,000 students. The district provides a wide range of educational opportunities, with 68 schools for Kindergarten through 8th grade and 31 schools for grades 9 to 12. Additionally, it serves academically gifted students by offering courses for grades 2 through 8 in select schools like Benjamin Franklin, Garfield, and Whitney Young.

Students who qualify for gifted courses in elementary and middle school can transition into the Advanced Placement program offered at various high schools within the district. These include Bard High School (formerly Carl Shuler), Cleveland School of Arts, and John Marshall Tech. This pathway ensures that these students can continue their education at a challenging level.

Cleveland Charter Schools

Public Schools in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland charter schools, such as Citizens Academy Southeast, Citizens Leadership Academy Glenville, and Northeast Ohio College Prep, offer students specialized curriculums to cater to diverse learning needs. There are over 50 charter schools in Cleveland, providing students with various options to find the best educational environment for their needs.

Citizens Academy Southeast

With a strong focus on academics and responsible citizenship, Citizens Academy Southeast offers small class sizes dedicated to enhancing literacy and math skills. Citizens Academy Southeast's mission is to cultivate learners who embody values like responsibility, respect, honesty, generosity, and perseverance. The school strives to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment that promotes virtues essential for student success.

Citizens Leadership Academy Glenville

Citizens Leadership Academy Glenville (CLAG) has been an educational institution within the Cleveland charter school catchment since 1999. CLAG focuses on hands-on learning, essential questions, and preparing students for leadership in academics, service, and civic engagement.

School officials designed the curriculum to prepare students for college-prep high schools and beyond, incorporating core skill-building lessons and extracurriculars. The school emphasizes responsible citizenship, offering support through civic engagement preparation, hands-on city-based learning, an ESE program for small group instruction, and resources like technology, Wi-Fi, and meal kits for remote learning.

Northeast Ohio College Prep

Northeast Ohio College Prep is known for its holistic approach to education. The school prides itself on providing a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures students both academically and personally.

With a focus on academic standards, Northeast Ohio College Prep ensures students are well-prepared for future endeavors. The school's commitment to holistic development for fostering well-rounded students is evident through various initiatives and programs, including the Individualized Instruction Model.

Additionally, Northeast Ohio College Prep offers a range of extracurriculars and support services to enhance its students' overall educational journeys. The school strives to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success through rigorous academics and comprehensive student support.

Cleveland Private Schools

Cleveland offers a wide selection of private schools. Institutions like Julie Billiart School, Lakewood Catholic Academy, and Montessori Children's School cater to various educational philosophies and provide unique learning environments for students in Cleveland.

With almost 90 private schools and a total enrollment of around 25,000 students, there's much to consider when choosing the right private schools in Cleveland.

Julie Billiart School

The Julie Billiart School in Cleveland offers a comprehensive K–8 program tailored to educating children with learning differences through a whole-child approach. Their admissions process includes steps from exploration and application to acceptance, focusing on individualized resources and financial aid options. Support and resources are abundant, with teachers aiming to help children reach their full potential.

The school features extremely small class sizes, with an enrollment of around 130 students and a 5:1 student-teacher ratio. Academic offerings feature specialized attention, challenging academics, and intervention specialists.

Lakewood Catholic Academy

Located in Lakewood, Ohio, Lakewood Catholic Academy is a private school that offers a comprehensive educational experience for students in grades K–8. Founded as a merging of three existing Catholic schools in August 2005, the academy serves around 550 students and has a 17:1 student-teacher ratio.

With a nine-acre campus established in 1891 and a history of consolidating parish schools, Lakewood Catholic Academy is deeply integrated into the Lakewood community. The dedicated faculty and staff prioritize professional development, student-centered learning, and holistic growth, ensuring a supportive and enriching educational environment for all students.

Montessori Children's School

Located in the city's Little Italy neighborhood, Cleveland Montessori School is committed to authentic Montessori principles, focusing on nurturing a love for learning. The school aims to discover and awaken children's innate talents while cultivating a spirit of social responsibility.

Students at Cleveland Montessori benefit from a curriculum emphasizing deep thinking, practical applications, independence, and creativity. Moreover, community service commitments and fundraising efforts encourage parent involvement, fostering a robust school-parent partnership.

Colleges and Universities Near Cleveland

Colleges and Universities in Cleveland, Ohio

When considering higher education options near Cleveland, students can explore institutions such as Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University. These colleges and universities provide diverse academic programs and resources to support students' educational pursuits.

Case Western Reserve University

Recognized for its wide range of academic programs and strong reputation in the education sector, Case Western Reserve University stands out among the colleges and universities near Cleveland.

Offering undergraduate, graduate, professional, and online programs, CWRU provides tailored options to suit various educational goals. Its standout features include a supportive community, an alumni network, and a special Health Law program for graduate students.

The university also excels in research and innovation, particularly in the School of Medicine, where groundbreaking research on ALS and dementia has made significant contributions to the medical field.

Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University (CSU) emerges as another higher education option among the colleges and universities near Cleveland.

CSU offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate online degree programs, with over 175 options. The university is committed to fostering engaged and diverse learning environments. Annual financial aid, scholarships, and graduate assistantships also help support students.

Which Cleveland School Is Right for You?

After reviewing the different schools in Cleveland, choosing the right one may depend on various factors such as location and individualized priorities. Prospective students should evaluate educational offerings, campus environment, and extracurricular opportunities to determine which school aligns best with their needs and objectives. Those considering public education in Cleveland can visit the district's website to learn more.

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